Bishop T.D Jakes (Thomas Dexter Jakes) is a very popular American filmmaker, author, and bishop. T.D Jakes is the head pastor and presiding bishop a Potters House (an American-based non-denominational mega-church).

His (Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes) services, evangelistic sermons, and meetings are broadcasted by The Potters Touch. 

Biography & Networth of Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes

Early Life

Thomas Dexter Jakes (Bishop T.D Jakes) was born into the family of Ernest and Edith. Jakes's dad (Ernest) was an entrepreneur, while Edith his mum was an educator. 

He was born in West Virginia (South Charleston to be precise), on the 9th of June, 1957 and he grew up in Vandalia, West Virginia.

Meanwhile, research has it that Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes his DNA being analyzed to beY chromosome proved that he is an Igbo man (a tribe in Nigeria). 


Research also has it that Bishop T.D Jakes preached his first sermon when he was 19, in the year 1976 (then, he was popularly known as ‘the bible boy’ in his community. However, he was ordained in the year 1976.

He started pastoring Greater Emmanuel Temple of Faith, West Virginia in the year 1982. Then, he had only ten (10) members. Afterward, Jakes was official ordained as a bishop in 1987.

In the year1988, Bishop Jakes Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies whose founder was Sherman Watkins.

He later moved from Vandalia to South Charleston, West Virginia in the year 1990 and the number of his congregation grew to 300 members. In 1993, Jakes moved to Cross Lanes, West Virginia.

In the year 1995, Thomas Dexter Jakes started his first enterprise which is known as TDJ Enterprise where he produces his films and publishes his books. Then in 1996, he started hosting ‘Get Ready’, a weekly television and radio show. 

The Potters House was officially commissioned in the year 1996 in Dallas, Texas. Potters House is a non-denominational megachurch situated on a 32-acre hilltop campus with about 5,000 seaters auditorium.

Marriage & Family

Dexter Jakes met his wife Serita Ann Jamison at age 23 (1980). He met her when he was invited to preach at Serita’s home church in Beckley, West Virginia.

Then in 1982, he got married to Serita (when he turned 25) and they are blessed with 5 children (Thomas Jakes Jnr, Jermaine, Sarah, and Jamar, Cora).

Net Worth

Jake’s is one of the richest pastors globally with a net worth of about $140 million.


In the year 2001, Bishop T.D Jakes was featured on the cover of Time Magazine with a very super top-notch caption ‘Is This Man The Next Billy Graham?’

One of his albums (A Wing and a Prayer) won the best gospel or chorus album in the year 2003, at the 46th Grammy Awards.

He was rated as one of the most visionaries and influential leaders in the year 2016 by the Oprah SuperSoul100 List. He was also mentioned in an article, Top 10 Religious Leaders in America (Written by Ethics Newsweekly and PBS Religion).

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