The church "THE ETERNAL SACRED ORDER OF THE CHERUBIM AND SERAPHIM"  was found by Saint Moses Orimolade Tunolase (Ajamuokadi).
FULL NAME: Saint Moses Orimolade Tunolase (Ajamuokadi).
PARENTS: Mr & Mrs Tunolase
PLACE OF BIRTH: Ikare Lagos State.

His Father was a great native doctor. Before Saint Moses birth he did some great signs and wonders while in his mother's womb. One great wonder took place on his birth day. On that day after his mom gave birth to him.... Miraculously he stood up and walked. Seeing the greatness in Moses, his father crippled him, and he remained a cripple till death.
Despite that, Saint Moses grew in Christ and did the will of God, fulfilling his mission on Earth. 
    Moses pass through a lots of trials, mostly the challenges from his father,who try all he could to bring him down cause he saw greatness in him and was against his father's believe. Saint Moses never really grew up with his father cause he left his father's house,he never had a permanent  place. He met people from all walks of life and in the missionary journey too. Doing  his walk around he did things miraculous, with his grace of healing and prayers. He met with great men and also founders of other churches. check here to get list of churches 
  He embark on a 3days prayer and fasting for the reveal of a name for the church, with the 70 disciples he formed, (35 brothers and 35 sisters) which he called the "THE PRAYING BAND"
   On 9th of September 1925, at Agoshofin, lagos, the first name "seraph" was revealed to him, he noted that down but feels like it wasn't complete. He continue his journey, later on was given "Cherub" on 16th of may 1926. Moses try putting the name in order like seraph and cherub. still go on his kneel pray and  tell God that he should reveal it clearly. On.......he was was showed in the dream a full signboard with the name"THE ETERNAL SACRED ORDER OF THE CHERUBIM AND SERAPHIM" he woke up and was happy and completed. He registered the order under the company ordinance cap 13 N0.316.

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