Prayer your need to make daily

Bible verse :Nahum 2: 2

AMP:For the Lord restores the excellency of Jacob as the excellency of [ancient] Israel, for plunderers have plundered them and emptied them out and [outrageously] destroyed their vine branches.

See you!!!!!
Nothing will stop you from getting to your destination and archive your purpose in life
In Jesus' name amen.You will not lose anyone in your family in Jesus' Name.
Sickness is far from you and your family.
Receive healing and success in Jesus' name Amen.

I pray for you the mercy of the Lord will speak and stand for you, His light and glory will cover you and your family in Jesus name.
Say to your self, I will make, I believe I will not fill because Jesus do not fill, i will be successful,I will be rich, I'm a giver, I will not be sick, my light will shame .
If you believe shout Amen!!!!!!
God bless you 
Don't give up in prayer
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