Christ Embassy also known as Love World Incorporated was found by Chris Oyakhilome, In the year 1987.
The church started as a prayer group led by Chris Oyakhilome, at Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma,when he was still studying architecture in 1987.
Christ Embassy has approximately more than 13,000,000 followers worldwide several other ministries around the world participate in its programs and conferences like the International Pastors and Partner Conference(IPPC)  which hold every November in Lagos,Nigeria: also the International Cell Leader's Conference(ICLC) hold in the middle of the year, and the International School Ministry(The Healing School)
In the united kingdom Christ Embassy registered charity,was establish in the year 1996.
Christ Embassy have over 50 branches growing in Canada.
In July 2013 the charity commission launched an inquiry regarding the use of charitable funds,However inspections of record did not resolve concerns about its financial management and in August 2014
The charity commission appointed an provisional manager to run the charity until 2016 the British tax authorities withheld 2.8 million in Gift Aid tax refunds from the charity as they were concerned not all of the charity's income was being spent for charitable purpose.

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Christ Embassy also known as Love World Incorporated runs more than seven TV channels including Love World TV, Love World Sat, Love World Plus, Love World UK, Love World Nigeria,Love World India, Love World USA.
The Love World USA TV channel is run in partnership with Benny Hinn,who appears in so many TV programs on the channel.
Christ Embassy also known as  Believers Love world Incorporated also have a record label called Love world Record , Love World record  was founded in the year 2009,the record label was found by Chris Oyakhilome, love world record is an independent record label established by Chris Oykakhilome with the sole aim of discovering and developing gospel artists.
The Loveworld record label has gone on to groom and produce many notable gospel musician including, Sinach, Victor I, Frank Edward, Joe Praize,Ada Ehi, Eben, Buchi, Jahdiel, Markin Pk, CSO. Temple,This people have spread the Good news through singing.

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