The place of waiting

Am gradually lossing it

We are gradually loosing the place of the WORD...when last did u as minister pray and wait on God before teaching in a Bible study meeting
When last did u as a minister wait on God before leading a prayer meeting or leading people into the holy of holy through ur worship...

No wonder our fathers experience real power..raw miracles and had unshakeable faith..they waited on God for almost everything..

O new generation where is ur place of waiting
How long have u waited.. has our God changed?? The WORD OF GOD has become a common novel anybody can interpret what is written there in all u need is go to a Bible school..our fathers waited on God for the interpretation of every WORD that was written there in..
I could remember those days when our fathers will fast and pray for 3days or more just to teach in a house fellowship meeting or lead in a prayer meeting..where is ur waiting o young minister

Are people falling under the anointing by reason of the Power and Presence of God u can call down or are they just being emotional during ur ministrations

Where is our place of waiting

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